Our method of clinically researched instruction emphasizes developmentally-appropriate skills training to ensure that your child is learning self-rescue skills and developing the competence required to enjoy the water. Integrated into the skills training of infants and young children is the ISR Parent Education program that seeks to enable the parents and caretakers to understand drowning prevention methods and thereby, safeguard their child’s aquatic environment.


ISR Lessons are available to infants and young children 6 months- 4 years old. These safe and effective lessons are customized to your child and taught one on one. We do not offer group lessons. Your child’s lesson experience will be unique and to provide the safest possible lesson, the instructor’s attention will be focused on your baby only throughout the lesson period. Lessons are no more than 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. In order to master these self-rescue skills, the enrollment period is between 4 and 6 weeks. Your Certified ISR Instructor will provide instruction to your child that emphasizes developmentally appropriate skills training, health issues and considerations, ongoing program evaluations, and parent education. Your Child’s Self-rescue Skills: Infants (6 months- 12 months old) will learn to hold their breath underwater, roll onto their back and float unassisted. Children (1 year- 4 years old) will learn the following sequence: how to hold their breath underwater; swim with their head down and eyes open; roll onto their back to float, rest, and breath; and roll back over to resume swimming until they reach the side of the pool and can crawl out or be rescued by an adult. Since statistics show that 83% of all children who drown are fully clothed at the time, during the final week of lessons, while under the watchful eye of an instructor, each of our students have the opportunity to practice their self-rescue skills in both their summer and winter clothes.

To register for the ISR program contact Stephanie Acosta Balzola by clicking here.